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Algeria Setif Park Mall - MIOL-A

Algeria Setif Park Mall – MIOL-A

  • Location: Algeria
  • Year: 2015
  • Obstruction Lights type: Medium Intensity White LED Light (MIOL-A- L-865 (2.000 cd white light during the night time and 20.000 cd during the day time)
  • Number of Tower: 1
  • Altitude of the Tower: 85 M ( 279 ft)

Wetra low intensity aviation obstruction lights are already very popular in Middle East and North Africa countries. Also Its medium intensity products have been used in some exclusive projects there.

It is a modern shopping mall and hotel in Setif, Algeira. It is in city center and the highest structure in around. For air trafic safety, Wetra Medium Intensity White Obstruction Led Lights (MIOL-A) have been used at top of the building. 6 pcs L-865 MIOL-A lights are installed to the top, they are feeding and monitoring by one main control panel. Twillight sensor provides day and night shifts, thus candela values of the lights change automatically.

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