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Azerbaijan Azersu Tower - MIOL-A

Azerbaijan Azersu Tower – MIOL-A

  • Location:  Baku,Azerbaijan
  • Year: 2015
  • Obstruction Lights type: Medium Intensity Red LED Light (MIOL-B) +Low Intensity Red LED Light (LIOL-B) (2.000 cd RED light during the night time )
  • Number of Tower: 1
  • Altitude of the Tower: 124 m ( 406 ft)


Wetra is a global brand of aviation obstruction lights. It already dominated the domestic market through its products and service quality. Wetra has provided AWL system Azersu Tower which is located in Baku, Azerbaycan. For air trafic safety, 2 pcs Medium intensity red LED obstruction lights have been installed to the roof of the structure. The middle level of the building also marked with 4 pcs low intensity obstruction lights.  All the lights are feeding and monitoring by one main control panel. Its totally appropriate with ICAO and FAA rules. Also the beacons are lighting synchronous through the Wetra GPS system.

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