And Pastel Residence Bina Ucak Ikaz Lambasi

Istanbul And Pastel Tall Building Project – Medium Intensity Lighting

  • Location: Istanbul
  • Year: 2018
  • Obstruction Lights Type: 3 pcs MIOL-AC (20.000 cd white light at day-time, 2.000 cd red light at night-time), 12 pcs Twin MIOL-C (2.000 cd red light at night-time)
  • Number of Buildings: 3

The project name is “And Pastel – Tall Building Aviation Obstruction Light Project”. It is a landmark project in Asian district of Istanbul.  We have supplied ICAO certificated medium intensity aviation obstruction lights to this project.

The lights are flashing type white light at day-time and steady burning red light at night-time.

All of the MIOL-C lights are twin models.