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Istanbul Divan Hotel Heliport Project – HB Light

  • Location: Istanbul- Türkiye
  • Year: 2018
  • Obstruction Lights Type: 1 pcs Heliport Beacon HB (white H mors code)
  • Number of Port: 1

We have supplied heliport aviation lighting system to one of the most famous hotels in Istanbul. The project name is “Divan Hotel – Heliport Beacon Project”.

Rooftop heliports are known as its limited space, close proximity to the vertical surfaces of neighbour buildings or structures (such as parking garages), and a relatively high surrounding ambient light level.

The pad itself may be dark in contrast to the surrounding city lights. These heliports are normally located in the midst of large numbers of point-source lights on city streets, buildings, and signs. Nowadays, elevated heliports represent 90% of all heliports.

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