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Kirklareli Limak Cooling Tower - MIOL-AB

Kirklareli Limak Cooling Towers – MIOL-AB Aviation Obstruction Lights Systems Application

  • Location: Kirklareli, Turkey
  • Year: 2016
  • Obstruction Lights type: Luxsolar Dual Medium Intensity White and Red LED Aviation Obstruction Lights ( MIOL-AB)
  • Number of Chimneys: 2

Hamitabat Combined Cycle Power Plant is located in Kirklareli (Near Istanbul, Europe) which is established in 1985 as the first natural gas power plant in Turkey with a total capacity of 1156 MW.

Wetra obstruction lights won the aircraft warning light tender of Hamitabat and provided for 8 pcs Dual MIOL-AB (2.000 cd red light during the night time and 20.000 cd white light during the day time)  and control panel for each chimney on August 2016.  All the aircraft warning lights are lighting synchronous through the Wetra GPS system. ICAO certificated Luxsolar aviation obstruction lights are widespreadly preffered at cooling towers and chimneys applications.

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