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Osmangazi - Izmit Bay - Bridge

Osmangazi (Izmit Bay) Bridge – HIOL-A

  • Location: Kocaeli, Turkey
  • Year: 2015
  • Obstruction Lights type: 28 PCS High Intensity LED Lights (2.000 cd white light during the night time, 20.000 cd during the twilight and 200.000 cd during the day time, HIOL-A) and 4 PCS Control Panels
  • Altitude of the obstacle :   234.425 m (769.11 ft)
  • Total length :   2,682 m (8,799 ft)
  • Width :   35.93 m (117.9 ft)
High intensity HIOL aircraft warning lights on bridge
High intensity HIOL aviation obstruction lights on bridge

The Osman Gazi Bridge( it is a name of founder of the Ottoman Empire) is a suspension bridge, located at the Gulf of Izmit along the eastern end of the Sea of Marmara, in close vicinity of Izmit and approximately 50 km southeast of Istanbul, Turkey. It is the fourth-longest suspension bridge in the world by the length of its central span.

Osmangazi Bridge - GPS Box Setup
Osmangazi Bridge – GPS Box Setup
Osmangazi Bridge -GPS Box
Osmangazi Bridge -GPS Box

Wetra High Intensity LED Obstruction lights are preffered for air traffic safety of the bridge. For Aviation lighting, 4 pcs HIOL-A-360° on the top and 24 pcs HIOL-A-120° (12 pcs of them are EMG)  for marking alongside of the bridge are applied and its totally appropriate with ICAO and FAA rules. All the lamps are lighting synchronous through GPS system.

We were in the site of the bridge to assist Siemens technical team when the entire system was rolled out. We corrected the erroneous operations and made the GPS, Twilight and night sensors correctly positioned. Our technical team, that specializes about Aviation obstruction lights, worked until the LED Aviation obstruction lighting system running correctly.

Shortly, Osmangazi Bay Bridge is one of the biggest structures in Turkey and it has Luxsolar high intensity aircraft warning lights system. It is great reference for our products.




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