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L864-LXS All in one medium intensity obstruction light
Luxsolar MIOL-B MIOL-C medium intensity obstruction light

Luxsolar All In One MIOL B / MIOL C (Medium Intensity Obstruction Light). Medium intensity obstruction light, multiled type. In compliance with ICAO Annex 14 Type B, Type C and FAA L-864. Single or twin, night only, flashing or steady burning, red colour.

Characteristics of Luxsolar L864-LXS All In One Red Colour Medium Intensity Aviation Obstruction Lights:

With a compact body, high quality and ultra-bright LEDs, patented lenses and patented shape for optimum Light emission and beacon cooling; LUXSOLAR MIOL-B/C ALL-IN-ONE product is the most up-to-dated and technologically advanced Aircraft Warning Light. This LED device has been designed to concentrate in one fixture several features:

TWIN version as standard characteristic (normal + stand-by LED circuit), built-in remote fault monitoring, twilight sensor and GPS module (option).

You just have to power supply the light, LUXSOLAR L864 ALL-IN-ONE will do the rest!

L864-LXS Medium Intensity All In One Obstruction Light Datasheet

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