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Exproof aviation obstruction light luxsolar demos

Thailand Pipeline Project – Exproof

  • Location: Thailand
  • Year: 2017
  • Obstruction Lights Type: 3 pcs Exproof MIOL-B (2.000 cd, medium intesity, red light), 3 pcs Exproof LIOL-B (32 cd, low intensity, red light), 1 pcs Exproof Control Panel
  • Number of Chimneys: 1

The project name is “Fourth Transmission Pipeline Midline Compressor Station Project”.

Wetra aviation obstruction lights won the aircraft warning light tender and provide 3 pcs of exproof MIOL-B, 3 pcs of exproof LIOL-B and exproof control panel for a chimney in this project.

Our brand Luxsolar have ATEX certificate for exproof aviation obstruction lights and this was a must for this project.

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