Aircraft warning spheres are also called as marker balls or aerial warning spheres are used as a visual marking of overhead power lines crossing fjords, valleys, and rivers or generally everywhere there is a need to make power lines visible to aircraft and helicopters. The warning spheres are attached to the shield wires or to phase conductors, always to the wire or conductor having the highest point.

Aircraft warning sphere is designed to provide daytime visual warning or nighttime visual warning if comes with reflective tape, for electricity transmission line and overhead wire for aircraft pilots, especially cross river high voltage transmission lines. Wetra power line marker ball is made of high-grade polyethylene, With light-weight and integral design, Wetra marker ball is easier to install on power line. Wetra marker balls are designed and manufactered in Turkey. We can also produce customized warning spheres up on your special requirements.

Wetra LED aircraft warning spheres

Wetra LED aviation obstruction lights


Aerial warning marker should be of one color such as aviation orange, white and red. Generally, the marking spheres are placed on the highest line. Where there is more than one line at the highest level, white and red, or white and orange spheres should be displayed alternately. This alternating color scheme provides the most conspicuity against all back ground.

Aerial Warning Spheres specifications:

  • Diameter : 600mm
  • Material : Aluminium
  • Thickness : 1,2mm
  • Clip material : Aluminium Alloy
  • Colour : Red / White (optional)

Wetra Warning Sphere technical datasheet