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Wetra is a registered trademark of Demos Endustriyel Ltd. Company. In the terms of LED obstruction lights, Wetra is the market leader in domestic market, Turkey. Also Wetra aviation obstruction lights are mostly exported to Middle East, Latin America, North Africa, Australia and Europe. Wetra become one of the most preferred aircraft and marine lights brand in national and domestic market with innovative perspective. The expert team of Wetra closely follow the international regulations and local regulations. We design systems according to ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), FAA (Federal Aviation Authority), SHGM (Turkish Civil Aviation Organization) standarts. In addition to these regulations we can also design a system for each countrys regulations.

By the following the latest developments in the national and international markets and we have been able to increase the quality of our production and service quality and have become a reliable company in the telecomunication and aircraft warning lights market.

Wetra aviation obstruction lighting also supply Luxsolar brand obstruction lights for applications such as onshore/offshore platforms, high-voltage masts, cooling towers and heliports lighting. All aviation obstruction light systems that we offer are fully compliant to ICAO and FAA regulations and guide the customers about what kind of  obstruction lights system that meets the requirements stated in visual aids for denoting obstacles regulation of ICAO.

System Designer for ICAO and FAA Compliant Aviation Obstruction Lights

We design aviation obstruction light systems for your project. We prepare layout drawings that show the type, quantity and location of the aviation obstruction lights on your ptroject. Those layout drawings also show the wiring between control panels and lights. There are international and domestic regulations and legislations regarding obstruction lighting. We apply those regulations according to your building, chimney, crane, wind turbine etc.  such tall structures projects.

Nowadays, construction industry produces tall buildings, skyscrapers etc. So such structures shall be marked with appropriate aviation obstruction lights in order to avoid any collision of air planes, helicopters, drones. So aircraft warning lights are indispensible for air traffic safety.

Big Brand of The Giant Projects!

Wetra obstruction lights have been applied many giant substructure projects since in 2007. Wetra Obstruction lighting systems have been preferred at Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Bosphorus Bridge, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge and many other mega projects such as skyscrapers, telecom towers, wind turbines, cranes, factory chimneys, etc…. Wetra pays attention to innovation and offer a fast and cost-effective solutions. Also with the experience of being the highly experienced companies in the sector we provide to our customers after-sales support, Wetra always provides the best solutions and design regarding to complicated and huge amount Obstruction lights project.  Furthermore Wetra does not only supply the products, also support and guide our customer at site for installation and cabling.

High intensity HIOL aviation obstruction light on bridge

Manufacturer and Supplier in Istanbul

Our company, Demos is a leading manufacturer and supplier of aviation obstruction lights located in Istanbul / Turkey. We keep stocks for standard model products and we can manufacture and deliver unique systems for the projects of our clients in a very short period of time.

Since our facility and warehouse are in Istanbul, we can ship the aviation obstruction light system orders by air, sea and truck transportation at competitive costs.

Reasonable prices, Excellent custom care services

We reply the emails of our customers within 24 hours. We provide after sales services.

Certificates and Standards

Wetra Aviation obstruction LED lights are in compliance with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Annex 14 and FAA AC/150 international standards. Also Wetra led aircraft warning lights have CE certificate, Wind test and LVD test reports.